Jusuru and seniors 50+ years

What is it Jusuru? Proven to be by scientists a Life Blend Juice.
Many of us are still looking for that fountain of youth, some say it's in Jusuru?
I have been on Jusuru going on 4 months, started May 2012, it took me 63 years to find out my body needed help.
Found out I was looking in the wrong place, my body was burning out of control.
At the same time understanding it took 63 years of my Life burning out of control to really see what I was doing to myself. Looking the other way.
Knowing I aloud this to happen to myself was the hardest to admit.
To fully understand life is so very important..
"Whether you think you can, or think you can't we are right on both"
knowing Jusuru is not a miracle juice to fix a person overnight.
My body like many was on fire, and out of control. It needed help and it needed "Help now!

When there is a Fire out of control we all know, if we don't call for help to put it out, it will burn down to the ground.
If that same fire  had just started, and we call for help, it's possible to be saved. 
Good Lifespan for people now-a-days scientists have claimed it's between 60 years to 70 years.
Those that have read and heard this are making drastic changes in your life to prevent this.
I have three major illnesses,
Scoliosis, Spinal Arthritis, Osteoporosis
I have met people in their late 80's and early 90's
That I can say look like people in their 60s and 70s it's unbelievable, but true!
My Aunt is one of these people. 
She did not drink Jusuru, back in 1920 but every ingredient in Jusuru was in her daily diet. 
She has the skin of a baby, she keeps up with her great-grandchildren like she's in her 50s,
A wonderful sight to see for some one her age.
Some of us are like that out-of-control fire, that CAN be put out, "BUT WILL TAKE TIME TO REBUILD"
I am doing just that by using Jusuru.
I am here to say it can't be done. I Feel Great!
To your health
Skype me at: Shelly698

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Jusuru and Seniors 50+ Years

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