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All of my friends are special to me but there are certain times that I want to highlight the accomplishments of friends who are worthy of notoriety. Mark Glamack is a dear friend of mine who is a renowned Author, Animator, Businessman, Director, Producer, Writer, and patented Inventor. I am honored to know him as a cherished friend and I am especially grateful that he's a Member of this Network! If you do not know Mark, stop by his Page and introduce yourselves, he will be happy to hear from you. Mark is so kind and you will love his true spirit!... Mark Glamack

Mark recently shared a Video Review and Testimonial with me that was done by another dear friend of his by the name of Diana Kerekes. She gave Mark rave reviews regarding his outstanding Book that's entitled, "Littluns And The Book Of Darkness." I thought that it was beautiful and noteworthy of sharing with everyone. You can view the Video Review by clicking here... Video Review ... She created the Video, then sent it to Mark and he was so elated because it was a complete surprise! Mark is a distinguished Honoree recipient, who was chosen by "Mom's Choice Awards" for one of the best Novels ever written for people of all ages and he has received several accomplishments throughout his Career that are too numerous to name here, so please take a moment to read his Bio... Mark's Bio ... I am so proud of him!
Please be sure to support Mark by visiting his Website and purchasing the book
through the Site, thanks so much! Click Here to visit---> Littluns Website
Once you start reading this Book, it will be hard to put it down!

“Littluns: And the Book of Darkness” by Mark Glamack

For all seasons and all reasons, nothing will ever be the same.

Littluns are mythical little people (little one’s) only about three-feet in height, but more importantly representative of God’s perfect creation; what He intended for us all on Earth as it is in Heaven. Their secret homeland is paradise found (and kept) with peace and prosperity the norm and not the exception.

After the sky had fallen in the land below, and eventually Satan restrained to a bottomless pit, the world enjoyed peace for a thousand years. But then the beast was released once again. To now complete his purpose while entering the realm of the living, and the necessity of possessing the body of a human host, it becomes necessary for the Evil One to place most of his more dark powers into his newly created Book of Darkness because no human could possess those evil words and survive. But through a twist of fate, his book becomes lost and now to fulfill his mission he must have his book back at all costs.

On what should be a pleasant Scavenger Hunt outing, five “Littluns” journey down from their secret mountaintop home, only to find themselves trapped within the darkness that is consuming the land below, spreading terror, destruction and extermination in its path. Five Littluns make the ultimate sacrifice in this most crucial journey and adventure of a lifetime.

A multi-award winning family friendly book, Littluns is perfect for readers of all ages looking for a very different reading experience. It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure depicting true friendships; full of valued choices between right and wrong, good and evil, the light in contrast to darkness.

For the “Young Adult” and grown-up Christian and secular reader, Littluns are an ageless example of courage under the worst possible conditions and what it means to love and be loved under God.

The Little Littluns... Aren't they just adorable? : )

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Comment by Madea ~EarthAngel~ on April 22, 2012 at 5:12pm

Yes Catherine, the Book is incredible and I recommend it to everyone... it's great for all ages! Let us know when you get it and give us a review once you've read it, thanks!

Comment by Catherine Cronin on April 22, 2012 at 3:36pm

I read the synopsis and can't wait to get enough money together to buy the book for my grandkids...:)

I showed it to my daughter and she said her children would really like it!

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