Ban Nuclear Weapons.

Can you do me, and the World, a big favor and sign the petition located at . It seeks to ban nuclear weapons... forever... from the face of the earth. If there ever was a cause to support and promote - then this is it. And you can be an integral part of this movement to help save our planet!

I think this is a very crucial and hope you will join me as I have already signed the petition. It just takes 2 minutes and can possible help us avoid a horrible nuclear holocaust. Can you imagine what would happen if someone pushed "THE button"? We can't allow that to happen!

Take a stand now! This petition is going global to raise awareness of the possibility of a nuclear disaster and to insist that world leader's ban all WMD's - all nuclear weapons - forever! Please sign the petition, Let's save the world together! - Let's rid the world of nuclear weapons!

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Comment by James McDonald on August 6, 2013 at 12:07pm

Hello Michelle.  Thank You For Joining the Group...Welcome..

Comment by Michelle Louise Whitaker on August 3, 2013 at 1:05am

Thanks for the invitation to your group.

Comment by Michelle Louise Whitaker on August 2, 2013 at 2:08pm

Thanks for the invite.

Comment by James McDonald on January 21, 2013 at 9:29am




Can this happen? Yes!

Will this happen? It could!

Can we allow this to happen? NEVER!!

A major nuclear conflict could result in the complete extermination of the human race. The world, as you know it, would cease to exist! Billions of people will die! There would be nothing left except a barren wasteland.

How can YOU prevent this from ever happening?

What can YOU do???

You can give just two (2) minutes of your time, and put your name on our petition, to make sure that this doesn’t happen. You can help save our world from the threat of total nuclear destruction!

One million signatures will bring international attention to our cause.

One hundred million signatures will make it an historic statement to stand forever.

One billion signatures will make it become a reality!


As soon as we get enough signatures on our petition, we are going to submit it to all leaders of countries that harbor and/or manufacture nuclear weapons! They will have to respond…they will have to act. The whole world will be watching!

Won’t you do your part? Can you spare two minutes? Is saving the world worth two minutes of your time?

By signing…you will also become a part of history!

Besides taking part in a worldwide effort to eliminate all nuclear weapons forever, your name will stay on our “BANWMD Wall” for all to see…forever. You will be an integral part of human history in the making! Generations of people will see that you were involved in ridding the world of nuclear weapons…WMD’s…weapons of mass destruction. And you can be part of this historic event simply by “signing” our petition.

We have bans against chemical weapons and biological weapons, but no bans against nuclear weapons! WHY?? They are the most destructive weapons known to mankind! The ONLY weapons with the potential to totally destroy our world! These weapons should not even exist!

We believe that we all have an inalienable RIGHT to live in a nuclear weapon free world.



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